Coalition for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development
Equal Space for Every Creed & Race

About Us

Leaders representing a range of international development and humanitarian assistance formed the Coalition for Racial and Ethnic Equity in Development (CREED) for the purpose of creating the REE pledge and learning community.

We recognize that accomplishing our vision for REE requires that we build awareness of systemic racism, institutional discrimination, western white centeredness and white privilege in the international development and humanitarian assistance industry. Our objectives are to:

  • build commitment and accountability for REE within our own organizations’ policies, systems, and culture starting initially with our U.S.-based workplaces;
  • create a learning community (Learning Hub) to share approaches and lessons learned, celebrate achievements, and support mutual accountability; and
  • work to instill REE as a core principle in the sector.

The REE pledge documents our commitment, action, and accountability for achieving REE in the international development and humanitarian sector, and specifically within our own organizations.

We are dedicated to building our learning by sharing our experiences, and supporting one another in this journey. Our Learning Hub provides one such platform.


CREED was founded by and is chaired by Indira Kaur Ahluwalia (KAUR Strategies) and is led by the leaders of nine organizations.

CREED is composed of member organizations who are committed to building REE in the international development and humanitarian assistance sector. Member organizations lead and participate in CREED activities to build support for REE.

Task teams lead initiatives on a volunteer basis. Task teams have led the development of the pledge, glossary, and FAQs; and the external review for the pledge. Task teams continue to support communications and outreach, the online platform, and the development of our Learning Hub.


Membership to CREED is on a rolling basis. Membership is by organization (not individual) and is predicated on the CEO / C-suite commitment to engage with CREED, and for the organization to endorse, sign, and support the pledge. Responsibilities include participating at the CREED membership meetings, supporting CREED initiatives and functions, and participating in Task Teams as they develop based on needs.

For more information about joining CREED, please contact our member support team.

Core Team

The Core Team is composed of executive and senior leadership from nine member organizations. With responsibilities for governance, representation, liaison, and communications as well as for leading the development of the pledge and a Learning Hub, the Core Team is committed to CREED’s goals.

  • Bobby Jefferson

    Global Head of Diversity, Equity, Engagement, and Inclusion, DAI

  • Carrie Hessler-Radelet

    President and CEO, Global Communities

  • Deirdre White

    CEO, PYXERA Global

  • Farley Cleghorn

    Global Head, Health Practice, Palladium

  • Indira Ahluwalia (CREED Founder/Chair)

    President, KAUR Strategies

  • Jenn Williamson

    Vice President, Gender and Social Inclusion, ACDI/VOCA

  • Maria Martinkov

    Managing Partner, Palladium

  • Paul Weisenfeld

    EVP, International Development, RTI

  • Sarah Helmstadter

    Senior Vice President, Global Workforce, DAI

  • Susan Riechle

    President and CEO, IYF

  • Sylvia J. Megret

    President and COO, ACDI/VOCA

Founding Members

Twenty-one organizations joined CREED in April 2021 when it was launched as an idea by CREED founder Indira Ahluwalia. Since then, the founding members have worked together to create CREED and the REE Pledge.


With the support of its founding members, membership has continued to grow. Members actively support the functions and activities of CREED's related to making the REE Pledge a reality.

Task Teams

Task Teams are created on an as-needed basis to support the various functions associated with developing the REE pledge and Learning Hub. Core Team members lead the Task Teams. Task Teams are composed of organizations' leadership, functional experts, staff, and interns.

Please reach out if you are interested in working on any of our active Task Teams: Communications and Outreach, Membership, Learning Hub.

CREED gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the following individuals for their contributions in support of our vision.

Name Organization
Jenn Williamson ACDI/VOCA
Sylvia J. Megret ACDI/VOCA
Meg Weaver ACDI/VOCA
Sean Carroll Anera
Kate Pritchard Blumont
Matthew Martin CREED Intern
Sarah Helmstadter DAI
Bobby Jefferson DAI
Bryan Schuetz DAI
Pat Morris EnCompass
Amy Agarwal EngenderHealth
Traci Baird EngenderHealth
Kidi Tafesse Global Communities
Carrie Hessler-Radelet Global Communities
Natalia Lopez-Thismon Global Communities
Lizzie Hickman Global Communities
Jody Schubert IBTCI
Elene Kurtanidze IBTCI
Eric Forehand IBTCI
Yvonna Stevens IYF
Matt Hobson IYF
Susan Reichle IYF
Melanie Joiner IntraHealth International
Indira Ahluwalia KAUR Strategies
Deirdre White PYXERA Global
Thierry van Bastelaer Palladium
Afiya Bey Palladium
Alisha Chopra Palladium
Susan Pitcher Palladium
Farley Cleghorn Palladium
Ryan Ubuntu Olson Palladium
Zach Bernsten Palladium
John McPhail Partners of the Americas
Rachel Falek Partners of the Americas
Claire Read ProSocial Dynamic
Paul Weisenfeld RTI
Omega Latta RTI
Iman Byrnes RTI
Shiro Gnanaselvam Social Impact
Liz Hall WI-HER
Elizabeth Kemigisha WI-HER
Fiona Macaulay WILD
Eleanor Allen Water for People
Taroub Faramand Wi-HERR
John Glover formerly with PLAN